Service Members bravely face challenges every day; financial emergencies shouldnʼt be on the list.

Whether through local disaster relief, pandemic support missions, or service abroad, National Guard members keep our communities strong and safe. It’s our collective duty to protect these critical service people as they’ve protected us.

As our service members return from deployment, either stateside or abroad, transitioning back to civilian life can be difficult. Whether it’s unforeseen expenses, mental health challenges due to stress and separation, a reduction in pay, or difficulty finding housing, the Vermont National Guard Charitable Foundation (VTNGCF) exists to ease the burdens for current Vermont military members and their families through emergency financial grants.

soldier statue

The Vermont National Guard Fallen Heroes Memorial is, and the Memorial Pavilion will be, located at the Joint Forces HQ, Camp Johnson, Route 2A, Colchester, Vermont.

Memorial Pavilion Campaign

Created in 2008, the Vermont National Guard Fallen Heroes Memorial is located in Colchester, Vermont, and displays the names of Vermont’s fallen service members.

Phase II of this project is a pavilion that will allow Gold Star families, military members, and the public to gather and remember all of those who have served and often sacrificed for our nation. The pavilion will also represent the strong bond of civilian gratitude for those who dedicate their lives to serving our state and nation.

National Guard Pavilion_COVER

The pavilion allows for a 360-degree view of the beautiful Green Mountains.

Description and Highlights

  • 50-foot diameter round shelter;
    open on all sides
  • Overhead cover for Gold Star families,
    veterans, and distinguished guests
    during ceremonies
  • Display cases for dedication and
    remembrance items
  • A solemn place to pay respects during
    inclement weather
  • Enhances events such as Vermont
    Remembers Run
planes at the airport lane

Guard Events and Activities Through GMB50

VTNGCF works with the community to advocate for the best possible quality of life for military members with special events, programs, and professional development opportunities supported by the volunteerrun, non-profit, Green Mountain Boys 50.


Since 2005, over 1.5 million dollars in emergency grants have been provided to military members and their families to ensure safety and well-being.


Get to Know the Faces and Families Behind the National Guard

In Vermont, the National Guard is made up of approximately 3,000 individuals, of which 2,000 are in the Army, and 1,000 are in the Air Guard. Over 75 percent of guard members have a civilian occupation or are full-time students. Read about how VTNGCF is supporting them.

“I have always prided myself in being a survivor and I am sure I would have pulled myself out from under eventually, but the financial pressure on top of everything else was taking a tremendous toll on my emotional well being at a time when I really needed to be focused. Your generosity has enabled me to be able to focus at my temporary job while looking for more permanent employment.”

~Elizabeth, Chittenden County